Not sure we ever thought about it to any great extent, but yeah, it could be fun.

boat in front of Lulus Barefoot Landing

Photo Barefoot Landing

There are a number of cities around the country with designated entertainment areas that allow you to walk around with a beer. North Myrtle Beach officials are now moving forward on their own proposed law that would allow the same. 

Burroughs and Chapin Co. requested the city allow beer and wine to be publicly consumed on parts of Barefoot Landing, which they own. City Council members passed the first reading of the proposed ordinance on Monday, February 4. 

If it's approved, the new ordinance would establish a festival zone which would allow shopping and entertainment destinations of 10 or more acres to apply for a special designation to permit public alcohol use. The ordinance would require beer and wine be consumed in a clear plastic cup, while prohibiting other alcoholic beverages within the festival zone, in accordance with state law.

The rules regarding public consumption of alcohol / open container vary state by state and municipality by municipality. In South Carolina, public drinking is prohibited statewide. In Georgia, public drinking is allowed in the city of Savannah. Other cities throughout the state also have variances. For instance, within the 80-acre area of downtown Dalton, Georgia, city law allows possession and consumption on the street of one alcoholic beverage in an open paper or plastic cup of no more than 16 ounces between 12:30 p.m. and midnight.

While we're waiting for the final outcome from North Myrtle Beach, here's a little map from Huff Post to keep you on the straight and narrow.

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